A Home for Quest!

Help create a home for Quest for Independence – the Centre’s new program for young adults with Autism.

Imagine spending your entire life surrounded by people. You have a place to go and things to do every day. And then, suddenly one day, it’s all over and you are alone.

For many young people with Autism, this is the sad reality they face once they leave high school. Post-secondary educations or jobs are out of reach. In an instant they are transformed – no longer kids integrated into their schools, they become adults with nowhere to go.

Until now!                                                                         

Quest for Independence (Quest) marks a revolutionary change in support for people with Autism – the first post-secondary program specifically for young adults with Autism in Edmonton.

Quest breaks the isolation with daily activities and a post-secondary curriculum that focuses on social relationships and skills of independence. Questers learn how to prepare meals, keep house, and manage money, develop vocational skills through job sampling, explore their communities through social, leisure, and recreational activities, and, most importantly, become empowered to live more self-determined lives.

The Centre has built a model apartment and learning space for the Quest program. Now we need your help to turn this space into a real home!

We must raise $10,000 to furnish and equip the apartment/learning space. Your support will provide furniture and equipment specifically-designed to meet Questers’ needs including modular furniture units and adaptive kitchen equipment to accommodate a range of motor abilities and sensory issues.






Please help make this space A HOME FOR QUEST so no young person in our city ever has to be isolated again!

P.S.  Empty rooms make for terrible photos. Let's fill them up!






The Centre for Autism Services Alberta is working with Car Heaven to responsibly recycle old vehicles, which will raise funds to help individuals in our community affected by autism. The program partners with government and environmental organizations concerned about air quality and the proper disposal of old vehicles.

Your donation will go directly towards services that support and improve the quality of life of individuals with autism. Your generosity will help send a child to summer camp, enable a teen to develop the skills to make friends or help an adult find his first job. Your donation will make a difference in the life of a child, teen or adult with autism.

Vehicles donated through Car Heaven, an initiative of Automotive Recyclers of Canada, are responsibly recycled. All hazardous components are removed and disposed of outside of Canada's landfills. The steel is recycled and any parts that can be re-used will be salvaged.

Donors receive a charitable tax receipt from the Centre, as well as a free tow from anywhere accessible to a tow truck. Funds from the vehicle donation program go directly towards supporting individuals with autism.

To donate your end of life vehicle or for more information please call 1-877-755-6272 or visit: Car Heaven

Please note: Car Heaven picks up complete vehicles (no missing parts) in most areas of Alberta. Please call 1-877-755-6272 to verify that there is an authorized recycler in your area. Vehicles do not have to be running, but they must be accessible to a tow truck, which means that a vehicle can't be underground or in alleys.