About the Centre


Our mission is to provide comprehensive, innovative supports and services to those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder across the lifespan.


Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder reach their full potential.

Autistic Child at Camp A.C.E.Values

  • We value access to supports, services and resources across the full autism spectrum and lifespan
  • We embrace person-centered and family-centered practices
  • We value meaningful participation of all individuals in every aspect of society
  • We believe in the right to individual choice and self-determination
  • We value collaboration with all stakeholders
  • We are dedicated to continuous quality improvement
  • We value accountability and transparency
  • We engage in open and honest communication

Strategic plan:  2013-2018

Strategic Plan

Introduction & History

The Centre for Autism Services Alberta (formerly Family Linkages Foundation of Alberta) is a non-profit registered charity that strives to maximize the potential for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The Centre has been providing hope and support to individuals and families affected by ASD in the Greater Edmonton Area since 1997.

The Centre offers support and services to individuals with autism and their families. We have programs that are designed specifically for a wide range of age groups ranging from infants to young adults with autism.

We also offer a wide range of recreational and community programming that includes art and cooking classes and summer camp. For more information on our recreational and community opportunities, please visit: recreation and camps.

The goals of the Centre are:

  • To set the standard for best practice in Autism Spectrum Disorder services
  • To be known for innovative, evidence-based practices
  • To deliver sustainable, client-focused services that are transparent to all stakeholders
  • To have strong inter-agency and community relationships that facilitate achievement of our mission

Autism Resources and Assessment Library

Centre staff are highly skilled in delivering the best professional practices and are informed about the most current trends in the treatment of autism. We have an extensive library of autism-related resources that includes subscriptions to numerous professional journals. These resources are available to members of the Centre. We also have a wide range of materials that are family friendly and child friendly, which are available for borrowing by members of the Centre.


The Centre is incorporated under the provisions of the Societies Act of Alberta; the name "Centre for Autism Services Alberta" is the official name of the Society. To access services from the Society parents are asked to become members of the Society. Membership gives families voting privileges at the Centre's Annual General Meeting. Only one membership fee is required from each family unit regardless of how many children are registered in programs. Families are entitled to one vote per family. Membership also allows you borrowing privileges from our resource library.

Questions & Answers

Where does the funding come from?

Funding for The Centre for Autism Services program comes from different sources – Alberta Education, Alberta Children’s Services, private donations and fundraising activities. The funding sources we are able to access will affect the type of program we can provide for your family.

Alberta Education provides “Program Unit Funding” (PUF) to create a specialized learning program for your child. This funding is available to children with special needs between the ages of 2.5 and 6, and is available for a maximum of three years.

Alberta Children’s Services through the Family Support for Children with Disabilities program provides funding for specialized services and other child-focused services.

Additonally, the Centre offers several extra curricular group activities that run on a cost-recovery basis. Under our services section of the website you will find a wide range of programming that your child, and in some cases, your family, can join.. Some examples of our services include Respite, Family Night, (a monthly support meeting that is open to the entire family), Summer Camp and Recreational Groups.

How do I apply for services?

Specialized services: Following approval from Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD), contact our Intake Coordinator at intake@centreforautism.ab.ca An information package will be forwarded to you that will contain information about our services as well as an application form. Simply return the application form with the required documentation. Our intake coordinator will contact you promptly to set up an intake meeting.

Recreation Programs: Our programs are designed and adapted for individuals with autism. For a listing of our recreation programs, which take place in various community locations as well as the Centre, please click: recreation and camps. You will also see we offer week long summer camps for a wide variety of ages. For more information, please contact our groups consultant, Gail Stanford, at gstanford@centreforautism.ab.ca 

PUF: Contact our PUF coordinator at puf@centreforautism.ab.ca An application form will be forwarded to you and our coordinator can review the program with you.